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Merriam Webster

The Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary is based on the print version of Merriam-Webster's Collegiate® Dictionary, Tenth Edition. The online dictionary includes the main A-Z listing of the Collegiate Dictionary, as well as the Abbreviations, Foreign Words and Phrases, Biographical Names, and Geographical Names sections of that book. It also includes 1,000 illustrations and 25 tables. Selected sections of the print Collegiate Dictionary, notably the Signs and Symbols section, are omitted from the online Collegiate Dictionary because they include special characters and symbols that cannot readily be reproduced in HTM.

World Book

Since 1917, World Book, Inc., has set the standard for providing accuracy, objectivity, and reliability in research materials for both children and adults. Based in Chicago, Illinois, World Book is an industry leader in the production of award-winning encyclopedias, reference sources, and multimedia products for the home and schools. 

Aurora Public Library

The Aurora Public Library is a service-oriented, tax-supported library, which is responsive to the needs of individuals and groups that are a part of its community.  The Library's mission is to provide materials and information in a wide variety of formats and to help patrons of all ages pursue their educational, informational, recreational and cultural interest in a way that is meaningful to them.

Oswego Public Library

The Oswego Public Library District exists to provide quality library service which will effectively meet the informational, educational, and recreational needs of district residents of all ages, with special emphasis on supplying popular materials, providing reference service, and assisting students of all ages in meeting their educational needs.

Plainfield Public Library

The Youth Services Department, serving children, teens, and young adults, is located on the newly-renovated lower level of the Plainfield Library. Youth Services encompasses all children from infants to high school students. Materials, which include books, audiobooks, CDs, DVDs, and VHS tapes, range from easy books to chapter books, as well as juvenile, teen, and young adult fiction and non-fiction 

Yorkville Public Library

Yorkville is experiencing a period of rapid growth and it's estimated that in 20 years Yorkville's population could be 40,000.  Thanks to Yorkville residents, who recently approved a bond sale that will allow for a 34,000 square foot addition to the existing 6,000 square foot library, the Yorkville Public Library will now be able to provide a modern facility for the community in anticipation of the population growth. The existing library will be able to remain open during nearly the entire construction period and, when the addition is complete, it will open as the new library while the existing building is renovated for use as meeting rooms that will serve public functions as well as library programs.